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  • Ashok Choudhary won the Indian Othello Championship 2012 after defeating Mehul Vyas in the final held in Kolkata on 22nd Sept 2011.





  • Ashok Choudhary registered Othello Championship after defeating Somnath Panigrahi in the final held in Kolkata on 25th Feb 2012.



About Us


Indian Othello Federation is an independent and self-regulatory organization. We promote the game of Othello (also often called Reversi, particularly on a number of online game sites) in India and organize tournaments around the country .Indian Othello Federation began its journey on 5th March 2009.Previously IOF website happened to be a part of Ning network.

We didn't start with any official sponsors and still don’t collect membership fees so our activities are somewhat constrained by our limited financial means. However we still have done our best to organize Othello tournaments around the country and have organized the first national level tournament "Indian Othello Championship “from 4th to 5th October in 2009 in Kolkata and also a regional tournament “Kolkata Othello Championship” from 27th to 28th February 2010 in Kolkata,
In Kolkata Othello Championship we managed to pull in a widely acclaimed sponsor Funskool India Ltd.